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Change Management and Projects

-Learn what to do when for great results

One day Masterclass program

A recent global survey found that all it takes is just five key tactics to drive successful transformational change.  So knowing what to implement when during the change process is essential for success. This Change Management and Projects Masterclass will build your skills in each of these areas and will help you identify how to deal with leadership resilience to change so that they drive the program.

This Masterclass focuses on what to do to get traction with change when implementing projects.  It builds on the basic aspects of change management; that is communication, training and HR and focuses on what processes to introduce to change behaviours to enable change to happen. It examines complex case studies that focus on what goes wrong with project management, why and what to do about it using leading edge change management strategies.

Who should attend:

Communication Managers

Change Managers

HR Managers

Project Managers

Anyone working on a project including IT implementation, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and redundancy, new product or services, office relocations.

Course Design:

This course has been designed so participants will be able to apply the concepts to their actual work situations. You will also have the opportunity to focus on a current change management issue that you are working on and develop a strategy to create alignment with the project. Pre work questionnaire pre-requisite.

Course Content:

Session one: The difference between a change management plan and an implementation plan

  • Understanding the different stages of the project lifecycle
  • How to design your change management plan align with those stages
  • How to integrate the change plan and the project plan
  • What to do when you hit obstacles

Session two: Leadership resilience to change

  • How to ensure that leaders own and drive the change program
  • What to do when the leadership team are undermining the efforts of others to thwart the change process
  • How to influence senior management to adopt your ideas and to drive the changes that you have recommended to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Developing leader competency to drive the changes

Session three: Employees and change fatigue

  • What to do when the employees are so demoralised they don’t want to know about the project
  • What to do about resistance to change
  • Gap analysis and how to identify risks in achieving change
  • The difference between change communication and information
  • Process changes behaviour – how to operationalise the change strategy

Session four: Ensuring projects deliver business outcomes

  • The difference between project deliverables and tangible business benefits
  • How to measure the impact on business outcomes of your change strategy
  • How to know that employees are engaged with the reasons for the changes
  • Tactics to realign your change strategy to stay on track

Session five: Implementation at the workplace

  • How to conduct the change impact assessment at the commencement of the project
  • How to identify what to do first
  • How to conduct a change management health check if your change process has commenced
  • When to recalibrate your change approach

To register for the Melbourne Masterclass on 4th Dec 2012


To register for the Auckland Masterclass on 26th Nov 2012


Your course fee includes course manual, lunch and morning and afternoon tea.

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